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Helping you to meet your cashflow and investment needs

As a manufacturing company, regular payments for wages, materials, energy and maintenance can stretch your cashflow.

At the same time, you need to upgrade machinery and equipment to maintain a competitive advantage while keeping pace with legislation and advances in technology. Often though, these investment needs are offset by the need to maintain a healthy cashflow.

Manufacturing funding can help your business if you want to upgrade a key piece of equipment, move to a new factory, buy new assets, or expand. We can support you by providing Factoring and Credit Protection. 

Our Expertise:

  • We fund wide range of manufacturing businesses from printing and engineering businesses, through to plastics and electrical
  • We support your business world-wide with our global network
  • We provide flexibility on your funding limit to align with your business growth
  • Account receivables management system to simplify your administration work flow
  • No tangible collateral will be taken

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